if your breakfast sandwich doesn’t have so much stuff that it falls out while ea…

  • on 10 July 2020

if your breakfast sandwich doesn’t have so much stuff that it falls out while eating, i don’t want it🤪. here’s my take on a simple and easy b-fast sando. filled w/ charred shallots and garlic, creamy eggs, soft avocado, and fresh tomato; it’s hard to beat. hopefully y’all enjoy it and pls go to my IG stories for a visual on how i made it❤️

2 eggs 🥚
2 pieces of bread 🍞
2 tbsp of butter 🧈
1 shallot 🧅
1 clove of garlic 🧄
2 slices of tomato 🍅
half an avocado 🥑
handful of parm 🧀
2 basil leaves 🥬
some mustard if you like it

spread 1 tbsp of softened butter on the outside of your bread. put the bread on a skillet with the butter side on the pan to toast. chop shallots and garlic very finely, melt 1/2 tbsp of butter in skillet and sauté the two until browned and fragrant. slice thin slices of tomatoes and avocado. put some cheese on the bread and cover with lid so it melts. whisk two eggs vigorously. when shallots and garlic are done, place them to the side and use the same pan to melt 1/2 tbsp of butter. once butter is melted and pan is still just as hot, turn off the heat. pour eggs in the pan and scramble so that small curds form. season with salt and red pepper flakes right before they’re done. i like them runny. assembly the sando by placing the shallots and garlic first, then eggs, then tomato and avocado, topped with basil and some more parm. ENJOY!!!!


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