Kare-Kare (Oxtail Peanut Stew) Ingredients: Oxtail (You can also use beef, por…

  • on 27 June 2020

Kare-Kare (Oxtail Peanut Stew)


Oxtail (You can also use beef, pork, seafood or chicken for protein)
Pechay or Bok choy
Chopped Eggplant
String Beans
Annato Powder or Annato Seeds (Asuete)
Chopped Onions
Chopped Garlic
How to cook:

For any kind of protein (I used oxtail for this dish)
1. Boil it first until the meat is tender. Do not throw away the water hence you are going to use it for the sauce.
For the vegetables
1. Blanch it into the boiling water for one to two minutes. Put the eggplant and string beans first so that it will be half-cook for about a minute or when they are cook already and lastly the pechay /bok choy because green leafy vegetables are easily cook by a minute.
2. After blanching the vegetables, drain it in the colander with a running cold water or you can put it in a ice cold water to stop the cooking process.

For peanut butter sauce
1. Add oil in the pan. Wait until the pan is already hot
2. Sauté chopped onions and garlic then add chopped oxtail/meat and sauté it altogether.
3. Add peanut butter (smooth peanut butter) and mix it with the sauté meat.
4. Use the water from the boiled meat and add it into the pan. Add a ladle scoop so that you will be able to control it while mixing the sauce.
5. Then add, annato powder in it to give the orange color to the peanut butter sauce or if you don’t have annato powder, you can use annato seeds, add water from the boiling meat and crush it using your hands then pour the orange mixture into the pan.
6. Just repeat Steps 4 and 5, if you are not still contented with the sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste.
7. Add the blanch vegetables into the peanut butter sauce and mix it altogether or you can separate it if you want.
8. Partner it with Bagoong (Sauteed shrimp paste). Tip: Kare-kare is a stew with not so much of a sauce so better that it is just exact or a little bit more to the proportion of the meat. Not too much or not too dry 👩‍🍳 I’ll try seafood, beef, pork and chicken kare-kare soon! ❤️ Special thanks to my friend Kiko Mirano @kiksmirano for teaching me how to cook Kare-Kare 😂 Tara, kain! #KareKare #OxtailPeanutButterStew #LutoNiPrincess #FoodBlog #Recipes #Cuisines


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