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keto diet before and after & keto diet pros and cons & keto diet and diabetes & keto diet long term effects is & keto diet dangerous 

keto diet before and after

what is Keto diet and what happens after doing keto diet. Many people ask how did people look or keto diet before and after look. people are worried about the keto diet pros and cons what sort of benefit will someone achieve with keto diet and what will be the cons the harms they will feel after doing keto diet for themselves.


say for example you are craving for pizza but you think that you are going to gym and working hard to loose weight so if someone eats pizza they will gain weight or pizza will cause the person to gain weight but in keto your meal plans will have that someone is craving for pizza he can have

pizza ketosis stage your insulin level should be less than a certain level which will keep your mind active the body is getting used to it, like slowly you are going into swimming but u are afraid but when you get used to it it becomes habit, 


so what ham trying to say is people are worried before starting anything new what they like to do is something which is already used to many people 

what are keto diet pro and cons 
pros are that with keto you don’t have to starve what you like to eat you can have whatever you want 
cons are like that you have to be on a schedule a meal plan which is blessing in disguise which will help you loose wight by eating everything you like from time to time 

now people are worried for keto diet and diabetes which mean the people who have diabetes are worried if they do keto diet what will happen to their diabetes 
well in many cases it has been seen that if the proper meal is followed from time to time people have seen improved rate in insulin  which means diabetes could be improved, its seen that the medication intake is reduces in same cases which is major pro for keto diet, 

 blood sugar 
in ketosis your fat is burning 
trick is that to keep your body as much as in ketosis stage 
there is eating window and there is fasting window 
sometimes the eating window will reduce and fasting window will increase 


what are the long term effects of keto what are people feeling after it, when you are doing keto for a long time how will your body react to it, what will be the new normal for the body, this is a question asked by many that what will happen when you stop ketosis, keto is done for sometime to reduce extra fat but not to make it your lifestyle


people have cut down diabetes and blood sugar has come down, people are getting benefit from keto which has helped in burning fat and even bringing the blood level down 


he shifted to 1 meal a day after that and he increased his fasting window with 2 hours everyday,

last month 1 meal a day 

1 48 hour fast then 73 hours fast lost 5kgs in a month

every sunday 72 hr fast and every Thursday 24 hour fast again he lost 3 kg in last month keto diet before and after 

in all he lost 8 kg in 2 month 



goes into ketosis cuts fat 

seretonic chemical  is produced ( good hormones grows)

physiological happiness, 

stem cells can repair your damaged organs in body keto diet before and after 


ketosis is so beneficial that people have seen cure of there organs which happened due to the seratonin which repairs the organs 


hormone called gremlin” this hormone says you feel hungry and when this period passes you will not feel hungry again