• on 17 June 2020

#<——was using this is my waffle emoji .5 secs ago😂 - While being at home a TON recently, I’ve been using this time to try new recipes! Found this one and had to try. If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ll love this bc it feels ultra decadent but the macros are pretty goodddddd - INGREDIENTS FOR WAFFLES 60g of your waffle mix 15g protein powder of choice - I recommend vanilla 3g any zero calorie sweetener 3g baking powder 1 whole egg . INGREDIENTS FOR CHOCOLATE DRIZZLE 8g your fav unsweetened cocoa powder 8-12g your have protein (vanilla for me) 2g zero cal sweetener or more if you like sweeter . HOW TO: waffles 1. Mix all dry ingredients together. 2. Add egg. 3. Add cold water little by little until it is a waffle batter consistency **if making waffles it should be thicker, if making pancakes it should be thinner** 4. My mix made about 4 mini waffles. I used a mini waffle maker I got from target bc it was #10dollars and I love it! Start those cooking by putting 1/4 of the batter in the waffle maker TIP: use a non stick cooking spray to prep your waffle maker so they don’t get stuck when cooking . HOW TO: drizzle 1. Mix together dry ingredients for drizzle 2. Add cold water little by little until you have a semi thin consistency. Not quite as thin as maple syrup but you want it to be able to pour over easily. 3. Once waffles are finished cooking, stack them high and pour the drizzle over the top! I added an Oreo to the top because that was my inspiration for this but you could add whatever toppings you want. Just know any additional toppings will result in additional calories - TOTAL CALORIES FOR MINE: 503 cals I only had 1 Oreo on top for the picture because I had intended to add more Oreos but I ate those before I finished and that’s just real life 😂 I LOVE the Oreo thins but that’s just me . . . . #cutting #recipes #flexibledieting #flexibledietinglifestyle #proteinwaffles #oreos #chocolate #foodfreedom #noms .


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