Pregnant& Quarantined … . I hadn’t planned to get so personal, as I wanted to …

  • on 20 July 2020

Pregnant🤰🏼& Quarantined 🏠…
I hadn’t planned to get so personal, as I wanted to use this account as a platform to chat all-things-nutrition science… but here we are!
I’m #24weekspregnant with our 1st, a wiggly baby boy, & #quarantine is definitely not how I’d imagined spending these final months of excitement, nerves, & preparation!
So, no baby shower, no need for cute preggo outfits w/no where to go (let’s be honest, I was living in #athleisure anyway, ha), no prenatal #yoga classes, no abundance of fresh, #healthy foods & fresh air, & no having a #doula to guide us through… but all of that feels like nothing, w/the concern for what hospitals (& life) might look like come July when we’re due.
We are BEYOND excited, & feel so lucky, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have waves of anxiety. During #pregnancy, you’re naturally #immunocompromised, & more prone to respiratory illnesses, so COVID-19 feels a whole lot scarier— not to mention the diaper shortages, etc that are happening right now (stop hoarding!).
Despite these nervous moments, mostly I just feel insanely grateful for our essential employees right now— hospital 🏥 staff, nurses, doctors, & not to mention our delivery 📦, grocery 🥬, pharmacy 💊, & first responders 🚓 🚒 🚑! THANK YOU for all you do, so that all WE have to do to help keep ppl safe is to stay the [email protected] home!
As a #scientist 👩🏼‍🔬 & #phd , I want to stay engaged, & help dispel #pseudoscience B💩 that’s rampant during times like this), but boy do I need breaks from corona 🦠 to stay sane!
How are you doing? Would it help to hear some good ol’ #nutrition science, pantry comfort food #recipes, or see pics of my cute #furbaby 🐶, when your 🧠 needs a break (& some positivity!)?!
How are my other moms-to-be?! Any suggestions for online resources or great accounts to follow? ( @thebump @whattoexpect @hatchgal @emilyskyefit @anitakpatelmd @doctoranddancer @ambitiouskitchen)


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