Q: Can pancakes be part of a healthy diet? A: I say absolutely, yes they can! …

  • on 6 July 2020

Q: Can pancakes be part of a healthy diet?
A: I say absolutely, yes they can! I don’t believe in vilifying any foods or labeling foods as good or bad. Also, it’s (everything, literally) ALL about balance. Here are my 2cents (feel free to scroll on by if you’re not into it):
•YES- choose “healthier” flour and syrup options like whole grain over white flour and pure maple syrup over corn syrup with flavors labeled “pancake syrup.”
•YES- make these healthier choices IF AND WHEN possible. If your only option is white flour, then white flour it is.
•YES- We all have to work with what we have access to, and try to make the best choices for ourselves and our families from there.
I’m an advocate for eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes and less processed, pre-made and packaged foods. According to the CDC, only 9.3% of Americans are consuming the recommended daily amount of vegetables (2.5 CUPS /day for women and 3 CUOS/day for men). So that means that…
•YES- eat pancakes sometimes but hopefully you’re able to *also* include lots of veggies, fruits, legumes in your diet in addition to them.
*there is much more to say in this topic, but a post only holds so many words- my apologies if I’ve not said something important- please let me know. I believe that the human experience is dynamic and that includes our relationship to food. I think it’s important to notice how food restriction and forbidden foods impact us on a daily basis in many levels. 💜💜

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